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Friday, June 03, 2005

Where are you ???

"Chennai is a city of mamis, dhoti clad uncles, young men still sporting Tshirts with terry-cot pants and girls who have not graduated out of salwars." -Spake a colleague of mine in Delhi.

Hey hey hey , wait a sec you want to see the real Mad-Ras? Walk out at 9:00 pm to one of the Lounge bars/ Eco hotels/ Drinking holes/ Dance clubs .. .you would wonder where do these birds stay around the day.

A whole new landscape emerges of hookah gurgling women, and funky hair do s on Men. 3 year olds enjoying rock, and retired men on the rocks !!!

Check it out !! next time around you are in chennai , think again before heading for Satyam .. there are better places and you won't be disappointed.

ITS definitely HOT MACHI !!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Jupe said...

Tickets booked. Can't wait to get a piece of such 'real action'

Thanks for the tip :)