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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Nope , I am not referring to Ha Jin's book, but to the time spent by each of us waiting

7:00 am :Waiting for the milk to reach boiling point
7:30 am :Waiting for appa, to finish the Hindu supplement
8:30 :Waiting for 21 D
8:32 :Waiting for Chinnama to get down at adayar for the seat
9:00 :Waiting for Lift
9:10 :WaitingSystem to boot
9:30 :Waiting for Coffee machine to vend coffee
10:30 : Waiting for lunch time
2:30 : Waiting for 5:30

Monday ->Waiting for Friday
Friday -> Waiting for the new release
Sat -> Waiting for that invite
Sun -> Waiting for the grand lunch ...

If some one ever said, Life waits for none ... Should I go through my list again ??

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Harry Potter said...

Lod Buddha said " Think ; Wait ; Fast "
This is the only path to salvation ...

U atleast got one right ...

Kudos buddy .. U are

two steps behind - moksha ...