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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Saturday Night Show

Rags looked at his watch dial for the umpteenth time. It was almost 3:00 pm. He hit the accelerator , and veered towards Lifestyle. Vats, would be waiting for him. It was a long over due date. Work had taken most of his time , but this Saturday it would be Vats , in the stunning floral print. He wrapped the dress in his hands and a smile curved his lips.

"Have a great weekend ,Sir"- smiled the girl at the cash counter handing him the blue bag.


"Aha, you are just in time. I had almost decided that you had given the day a slip."

" No way da. How can I forget ? See I even got you something. Gimme a minute I will change into something decent."

"Me too.."

"Hey gorgeous in georgette , can we leave ??? "

" Are you sure ?? It is actually embarrasing , especially in this ."-Vats looked down at the folds of her saree.

"Just come along, you look ravishing. I will have a tough time controlling the crowds"

Satyam was as crowded as it could get. As Rags guarded his wife into the hall, a familiar voice cried out

"Hey appa!! You ?? Here??"-That was Shanks , his first born with wife and kid.

"What pa, silent date ah ? Which movie ?"

" Kathalikka neram illai - That was first the movie I took Amma to after marriage, Yeah then it was in Nagesh theatre. Now thanks to Satyam's Unwind to 60's mela I am taking her again .. Seeya Shyam tomorrow at home."

Raghavan and Vatsala , walked hand in hand into the hall. A quiet dinner at Drive in would complete the date. But for now, it was a trip 40 years into a world of togetherness.

"Kathalikka neram illai??? " - Who ever said so ?


Jupe said...

Actually it should be "Kaadhalikkum aasai illai.." *drooling over Reema Sen*

Good one there !! If u really liked what you wrote, then this one should also interest you

Pardon me if you've read it before though :)

Anu said...

So the pay back for introducing ammani's site is settled !! thanks a tonne for the link .. no i didnt know abt it earlier.

and all those reading these comments.. Visit the site !!!

dumbs said...

good one......pls do write more