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Sunday, June 05, 2005

LTA ??? Laka Laka !!!

The schools have reopened, and the trains are empty. It is time to start exploring your surroundings. Yepp, it is a great season to plan a holiday and if planning is half as much fun as enjoying one, I am half way through.

With less than normal monsoon predicted it ain't going to be pouring and you will leave your skin with a light golden tan.From shores, to the mountain heights, adventure to pilgrimage - it is time you started on a trip. Some basics first:

1. Take your pick , and visit some sites . These are the days not of brochures but links and mail ids.

2. Avoid crowded locations , move away from din and regular tourist traffic.
Look for locales which would be one helluva eye opener !!

3. Stop reading this blog and Get moving , Ideation takes a day and moving your butt takes a year .. so get the momentum going. You wanna a break ?? Apply for one today.

Some websites to throw some light !!

For more on resorts and places visit



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