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Friday, June 17, 2005

Gals, boys, blogs and profiles

It gets murkier by the minute. The world of E- dating , e-matching, e-marriage fixing !!!

You can express interest for free,
350 bucks for a telephone number listing
750 bucks to communicate to a prospect

what next ?? The business manager of a popular "a mate" fixing site tells me

Rs. 1250 for listing your blogs on the site !!!

Why ?? Blogs are more representative of what the person feels , but fails to express. They are also a whole lot interactive.

Ok so is this only for the skilled in writing !!

No you would also have the services of a blog master , who would help you create one !! that comes at an extra cost .

On second thoughts do i have a career opportunity there ??

Imagine a brief like this ,

I am a 35 year old , bachelor, working in a top rated software firm as a lead programmer. I don t read much , only watch "MOVIES" want a wife who would be home loving, beautiful, career focussed, dynamic, should cook well.. Please write a blog for me , which would appeal to such women.

So much so for blogging in the next gen !!!

Hey I told my friend I guess the free spirit of blogging and anonymity it provides is lost if ppl start fishing for spouses in them.

So what, Its just like chatting or mailing or even say have a pen pal?
argued my business manager friend..

Do you blog I asked him , NO.

So he would nt really understand.


dumbs said...

" Blogs are more representative of what the person feels , but fails to express"

very true. i've come across a coupls=e of people who found their love through blogs

Kaps said...

I read the Hindu article last week which said that 2 bloggers turned up for a bloggers meet and they got married later.

Anu said...

Yeah the article in HINDU
They were the only 2 who turned up !! Now I know where my friend's idea was mooted from !!