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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A bundle of Contradictions

I dont wanna work I want 4.00 lacs p.a take home

I dont wanna attend meetings I want to be invited to every damn discussion

I dont want a relationship May be I want.....

I want to work with kids That doesnt give me Point 1 or 3

Iwant to travel I dont want to meet any more dealers

I dont want my blog to be a diary Hello, look at what i have been writing

I believe in self help GOD SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jupe said...

Your best post...but then you will hear me say that once too often that it actually loses its meaning..

If its any comfort, then let me tell you that everyone, including me, feels exactly the same way...but its such fun being a bundle of contradictions :)

Kaps said...

R u in sales? where do u work?

Anu said...

Jupe: Thats flaterring !!! from the best blogger in the world ( ITS PAY BACK TIME !!!)

Kaps: Yepp me in sales and marketing in a shit pot company in India ...more of excel than excellant working i must say !!

Whther i like my work.. mhmmm the blog says it all !!