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Friday, May 27, 2005

Mud on my face...

I went through the questions once again

Feeling tired and worked out? YES
Are you stressed out? YES
Do you need rejuvenation? DESPERATELY !!!

Call us at ######## or drop in to @@@@@@ for a whole new experience. So I had done that , and here I was waiting in the waiting room of an ayurvedic body health clinic.

"Number 15 " , they called out to me .. "Please step in."

I walked into a sparsely furnished , dimmly lit room. There were 4 women dressed in white Kerela style saree, smiling and welcoming me. It was too late to turn back.

The taller one spake in Malayam laced English "We have analysed your body type and skin type. Based on which we have chosen on treatment that is best suited to your temperement. Please lie down on this bench."

So I meekly surrendered. The ladies whispered amongst themselves and I lay like a patient on an operating board waiting for Anaestasia. They blindfolded me with something which felt like 'Chappathi Mavu'(Dough) and loosened my short hair.

A warm liquid flowed on to my tresses from unknown heights. A pair of hands , gently massaged the liquid and I drifted into a dreamless slumber. Not for long though.

Whacck came the seasoned palm slicing repeatedly on the well oiled head. Gosh, this was not there on the advertisement and I am not paying to get beaten. I wanted to open my eyes and yell , when my thoughts were interrupted by a cool paste hitting my face.

ME: "What is that?? "
THEY : "Sshhhhh , don't speak. It is a mud pack , made from river bed sand of Tamaraparani( A river in Tamil Nadu) and exotic herbs."

I felt like giving a theatrical presentation of the dialogue "Mugam Mannukku, Uyir Tamizh kku", but my lips were sealed with another herbal gel.

After 2 hours :30 mins: 33 Secs, I was ready to see a new and improved me. It felt like Kamal in Singaravelan , when they brought me to face the mirror.

If I was expecting to see the princess of Russia staring back at me, I was disappointed.
But still it was not a bad job. The nose, eyes and mouth were where they were earlier. A little brighter though. ( hey, if you open your eyes after 150 mins don't you see a whole new bright world ???)

The ladies seemed to read my thoughts, and went in to collect the bill before I could ask questions. If my complexion went a tad brighter after that, they did not compliment.

I handed them my card , and walked out. A feeling of rejuvenation, charged up elements and a kind of lightness enveloped me.

Yes they had promised that feeling , not a new look and they had delivered bang on. Kudos to Dhanvantri, Ayurveda and Tamaraparani mannu.


Neelakantan said...

Tamaraparani mannu, indeed. If only white kerala sarees and mallu accents made an ayurvedic massage ;)
They lighten as well as en-lighten.

Anonymous said...

wow.. That shud have felt reeellllyyy good!!


Anonymous said...

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