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Monday, May 23, 2005

Amma's Own country

Whats in ????
Whats out???

Suryan FM Susie Mami
Chithi !!!!!

Sevai on Elliots Beach
Kadalai on Marina

F1 Racing
Cricket in Chepauk


Tai Chi
Laughter clubs

Heat wave
Tsunami Wave

Sachin the movie
Sachin the player


Auto karan " Have a nice day "
Auto karan " Veetla ........ !!!"
Have a nice day folks !!


Jupe said...

Chandramukhi is OUT ? Do we live in the same planet ? N i thot it was Sach'e'in but mebbe i got it rong...Nice to see a post..I was gettin' a little tired of Kuzhithalai :)

Anu said...

Chandramukhi is running empty halls... trust me of my dad cd get an entry into a sat matinee , 10mins after the movie began .. Its not happenin...

Ok that gives the thread for the next blog ... what was my dad doing in a Rajini Cinema on a sat afternoon ??

dumbs said...

and Sachein is a hit? can't believe

reg auto karan u got to be which city does this happen?

Anu said...

Sachein" VIJAY" is a hot in chennai ... not the movie .. the character ..he is all over the place staring down at roads !!

Chennai auto karan, well they have been civilised to some travellers from the western part of the country and ofcourse to women who dont bargain !!!

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