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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

An Half Yearly Review ...well almost

As I usher in the last month of Q1-2005-06 , I also can't help but notice that my blog is also almost 6 months old. And like all good ol bloggers, it s time for a recap.

It all started one evening , when my ma said "Whats in that comp, that makes you glued to it for one hour a day? Are you not satisfied with seeing it for 12 hrs at work? "

Yeah, so what was in blogging that I have managed to complete 6 months without a long break. Some say it is just a personal diary, and a few feel they have saved the eco system a few trees by blogging than writing. To me, this whole new world has meant more than just a diary.

During hay days of sales, afternoons were allocated for the cool confines of Sify. I took to blogging, because searching for a job on can be strain on your eyes. I soon discovered that I invited more replies on my little known identity called Rajeshwari than by sending a resume of Anuradha.

I had a personal space, where I wrote what I felt and found people who took time of their busy schedule to voice what they felt on what I wrote . (Phew!)

I celeberated my first comment at Gangotri with a Bhel and a Vanilla Icecream and my first series in Murugan Idli Kadai.

There were days ,when there were more drafts to edit than posted entries. I searched for topics to write on , I started noticing a lot of things that were but a passing blur earlier. I visited more places when on tour, read more when not on tour , slept less in office- all for 25 entries on a little known space in the amazing world of the net.

New acquaintances , women friends ( I couldn't believe for nuts that I was actually exchanging mails with women ).

Reading comments around the world right from
Not good enuf, I enjoyed it, BORRRRRING !!!, Write some thing else , You are showing signs of improvement, Stop begging for comments...

All said and done its been a great 6 months of blogging , and before i forget.

I thank my parents, friends, my non existant pet, my country for encouraging me to see this day. I thank all of you and will work towards a better India and.... and... and ... WORLD PEACE.

( Yepp i saw that movie again last night .... )



dumbs said...

hey i like murugan idli......every time i go to Madurai Murugan idlies is my first stop

keep bloggin

Anu said...

I like murugan Idli chutneys better !! Will go there next time in madurai .. I was referring to the Usman Rd outlet here..

Guess is equally good !

dumbs said...

no clue about chennai....thought they were only in Madurai

Chump said...

I love blogging too!