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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Guru Shani Transit

"Appointment at last " Screamed my mother and slammed the phone with bubbles of teenage excitement .
"Monday 3:00 pm sharp."

"In the hot sun ?? " I scowled from a dark room

" Pinna yenna ? To get an audience with him , I had to be referred by Chakku athai.
He is not available for a week after that . I will go on my own if you are not interested."
Was I ? Well , when there is nothing you want to particularly believe in , you believe in anything ! Confusing right ?My eyes glanced at the almanac for the week ... Libra ...'Jupiter in transit foretell minor troubles at work. Dont argue with people older than you.- Bejan Daruwala for week ending March -20th '. So Sunday went past by me like a bee. There was buzz all around the house. The printer was working overtime. After all , binding the world in 12 equivalent squares isnt easy even for a Pentium IV.
Monday morning, a whole lot of calls,dont ask him too many questions, he gets angry , Never doubt his judgement , take the necessary papers along, and yes smear as much as turmeric on them. It helps !! (??)

I went along , not because I believed ,but out of curiosity. What lay ahead is always intriguing if not convincing. I stopped short of entering the house. Books lay strewn around the hallway. A 60 something man appeared out of the darkness, wrapped in a dhoti and something similar on top.

"Vango vango , Unga Ponna aa ??? Va ma ! "

I would have preferred to stay outside, but Surya bhagawan's Parvai sent me in.

After 1/2 an hour of poring over yellowed pages , and crinkly notes . The demi god thus spake -
"Guru sevvai pakaran , Sevvai budhanai , budhan avan veetla irukkan ana balam illai .. . " I could not believe i was a witness to all this, but with so many gods seeing each other i was a mere puppet ,was'nt I ?
"Ellam seriya ayudum ma, 19th kku mela parungo . " "Appo ippa ? " My Libran reflexes reacted . The man turned towards me " See ma, All this is jus a work of god ,9 planets and the powerful magnetic field activity . It has effects and affects . You wont believe when I say this but on the 19th I will be expecting a call from you - This is a Science ma , Science of planetary effects ."

I could not refute , I could not accept. I wanted to leave the place, immediately and that I did. I don t know , situations around me always get wierder than me. I started to walk around the Mylapore tank. Question marks bogged my mind.
Why is that when things are in a muddle, we dont mind hanging on to a broken rudder , but once ashore we don t pay a second look at it ? Was the rudder really broken , Nah for if it was it would nt have served the purpose of getting me ashore right ? Gosh if only my questions were simpler , If I only I knew whethere I was a believer or not , I would have either drowned ,or Swum ashore, but with a rudder i don t know how to react ?Clouds were gathering faster than i could reason , Winds were blowing straight on my face. I traced my steps back to the house .

The door read-

19, Solliappan Street, the Temple bell chimed , was it the 'Nalla saganum' I was waiting for ?
I stepped inside the house....

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