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Friday, March 04, 2005


I walked out of the office to an empty Auto stand, Quite unusual as they knew we were a bunch 5 who took Autos on long distance trips.

Tea kadai Nair then showed the calender, March 4th Chandramukhi cassette release. Aha ! Meendum Rajini. Manikkam's auto then swerved around the corner.

"Sorry madam, cassette vanga ponen.Polama ?"

I opened the book to the bookmark where I left on my morning ride to office.
"Madam, CanI play the tape, been waiting for it for the last 1 year"

"Sure, Sir. Podunga"

SPBs unmistakable boom voice began the "Devuda Devuda" number.

"Madam , parunga Election time llu , indha paatu pinnum , super a pottrukanga"

"Chandramukhi la , Aishwarya Rai nadika maten tangalam ... Waste , Parunga indha heroina vandhirka ponnu , Periya Eshtara varum"

"Left sar, pattu kettutu, route a miss panna thinga "

A Song for every season was the theme..

For the depoarted soul procession there was Kokku para para
For the upcoming Wedding season konjum neram
Elections could play the Devuda Devuda ( Was it a hint at entering Karnataka Politics???? )
For the tired auto driver , A huge poster of thailava on the wind shield.

Packaging , need gap analysis, Forecasting seasonal demand it was all here - Kollywood !!!!
Pick up a cassette today.


Janus said...

Hi {Y} worry

nice imagery chennai tamizh + kotler + rajani magic.Keep writing worry ,worry not about what the reader will like writ what u like and the reader will like what u like !!!

Happy riting

Anonymous said...

Janus ,

Wow, thats more worry than i can take .. Yupp... u r bang on target Write what i Like than write what you would.. .

but still glad , that you went all the way to read the blogs

DuMbSaNE said...

Hey anu .. mohan here

I guess u might not know this but I am a kick ass fan of Rajni and also now slowly becoming a Vijay fan. So been listening to the Chandramukhi and Sachein albums like crazy. I think both are great.

Plus I have say .. u write really well. I like your style.

I have a blog too but I jus write some random stuff. Check it out sometime.

Take care