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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ground beneath my feet

It was 8 :00 am when the tiles on the bathroom floor trembled.Instantly knew it was coming. I have been tuned and trained to run to the corner when the first tremors occur. There was a sudden bright light , almost blinding my vision. I ran with whatever little energy I could find. I knew this was the moment.

In no time the water will come gushing. I had just one chance to find the corner and cling for my life- which I did.

The foamed water swept over my face, debris brushed my sides. Hair, Coir, Paper-God knows what the water washed in.I still clung to the only support I had. Surprisingly , parents and family were not on top of my mind. Their thoughts came in , when the water levels receded. I waded to safety, dragging myself out of weariness, out of a tough battle and then I saw them.

Huddled in a colony just below the wash basin.They had survived- We had survived another day.

Who ever said Cockroaches were weaklings - We are right here beneath the basin alive and kicking.


Anonymous said...

Very cute

Anonymous said...

Keep writing like this!! Good style