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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Media Frenzy....

I tried this exercise , and may be each one reading should try and do what this is worth.

Collect first page and editorial reports of 3 months in anynews paper. After 3 months try glancing through the pages , what you will find shocks you beyond doubts. No headline lasts for more than 1 week , no investigation is reported to its logical conclusion. I am not too sure if this is a rule of the media houses (print,television and otherwise) worldwide, but going by the basic premise of why media , I think it defeats the purpose of existence.

Agreed, media is not an investigating agency.But it is surely a reporting agency , affecting and shaping the opinion of millions reading/watching/hearing to it. Ask yourself , do you have answers to these -

What happened to the Bihar plane crash?
What happened to the crores of Rupees collected during Tsunami relief fund ? Are we satisfied in seeing the names of the donors with amounts in descending order .. or do we need to see what went to the receipient?

Music and video of tsunami dominated regional political televisions in TN , but has anyone bothered to consolidate and send a report to each of the donors saying where their money was used ?

Much has been written about the controversy surrounding actors comments on something which people have no background to , but not a single line mentioned about Manjunath, the young man who was murdered for reporting the truth. Where is the fourth estate heading ?

Why doesnt the media have guts to stand up , print a letter from a reader complaining about its pathetic content or reply to him/her? I am a customer of your paper , I deserve to be heard , if that means replying to lakhs of letters streaming in , so be it.

Why sensationalise every issue , but not try and see through the depth of the case. If the journalists are indeed running behind headlines , their days are numbered . What they should be seeing is to create an unifying opinion , and an uprising against what is considered universally as not acceptable. To enrich each reader with a fair and an unbiased view of an event - any event not necessarily a national calamity or an emergency.

Where are the days when a copy of "Sudesa Mitran" could ignite the spirits of people reading it . Do we need another invasion for the fourth estate to wake up .

If I were a deciding authority .. I would say ...

BE sensitive in what you write and how you write (photograph of Shoba De , skimping in White skirt can be a supplement , not next to a report on rape of a 7 year old girl)

If you do report on a national tragedy , see it through the logical end , We want to know what was wrong in the plane that crashed in BIhar in 1997 , more than we are interested in following Karishma's marriage woes through the years. If someone has indeed reported on the same , I am sorry it was not as prominent as the actor's marriage.

Avoid instances like distracting saree /jewellary advts next to a state flooding report

Avoid TV scrollers like " to know more on the suffering, pain , tears in Cuddalore and govts response , read the eveninger " ... Tragedy should not be a selling point .. if it is- Shame on the paper which is owned by the biggest writer of our times.

I dont know if these opinions are shared by you, but I am a writer and you are a reader .You have the right to object , and my duty is to listen/ address them ... not defend them. If you are a journalist , I definitely need a response on this .


AllowAnonymousBloggers said...

I completely agree with you! It is true dat the media doesn't follow up and let us know what happned next !

but is that coz, there are so many other things that are happening which need to be reported as well ? probably yes.

and they have their own priorities as well, new incidents taking priority over the follow up of older incidents !

but, it sure is true that there is so much of unwanted space occupied by gossip from the entertainment industry which is of absolutely no gain to anybody's professional / personal front !

but unfortunately, it's a reader's world out there. so it's wat the readers want, is wat the media gives.

The verdict is, you and I will talk about it, what happens next ?

Note: please enable anonymous comments as well ! I had to create this account unnecessarily to leave a post in your blog !

Serious Sam said...

Interesting thought...even I share the same view. As a matter of fact I tend to have more radical solutions to this problem. But Alas! we live in democracy, a fools paradise.

Anonymous said...

wake up and write Anu!

Anonymous said...

amam, endhru anjali endhru...!

Abhishek said...

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Anonymous said...

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Shiva said...

Dear Rajeswari,

I was led to your weblog after finding the link that you gave to your blog in bim alumni group... The first entry that I read is quite an interesting observation.

I am not a journalist and I have always observed what you have observed, that no headline lasts more than a week, issues are flared up in the media and suddenly it all goes silent.

News media used to be independent decades ago, but now it is corporatized, so it is business to run the media corporation, not a public service that one used to perform dutifully and responsibly.

Media today is powerful, and these centers of power have their own balancing equations with governemnt and other agencies. What probably happens is that a discard is sounded by the media which reverberates and then it all goes silent as the equation is activated....

That is probably what happens, predominantly, though no journalist would admit...

Are you interested in starting an independent journalistic project, if not a media company?

BIM '87.