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Friday, October 21, 2005

Waking up...

3 months/12 weeks/90 days …

That’s exactly the time when my blog went to hibernate. Call it personal distractions, professional tribulations, plain boredom, need for a fresh thought. The reality is today it finally decided to shake itself up.

As Sangeetha in Flavors – the movie says “ You need inspiration even to do nothing ma !!!”

Hmm… so what was yours ??? Is that what you are thinking now ? so read on …

A day like any other

– A zillion to do things on the list, none struck off
– Calls galore and a customary smile , concealing the ignorance of the query
– Proposals, feedbacks, trip reports and more trip requests

I felt my mind screaming for a break. It had been long since I had read anything that reminded me of yester years. I went to my mail box, and scanned through archives

– amma’s recipes, replies to letters, updates on who’s who
Anna (Big brother)
School friends
Class friends
College friends
Summer friends

Days when all that seemed to matter was mailing and writing.
I saw it change over the years to subscription lists, group mails, forwards, spams and slowly trickled to a few of even them. And there was that one mail from a date so long ag o…

From an unknown unseen face... Just a line it said

“I happened to come through some links, nice to see someone who writes on an average of 2 blogs a day. Don’t know if you are jobless. But it does add a zing of joy to my life to see that someone is rambling non sense as I read one. Keep the ramblings going, I must say sometimes they seem to bring joy to the reader and a smile on the lips”

So here’s to the one fan who inspired the bear to come out of hibernation. Don’t know if I can maintain the frequency, but will sure keep the ramblings as ramblings….

Toast: To a fresh new start blog, and otherwise ;)


dumbs said...

Welcome back

The best thing I like in flavors was Sangeetha's voice.

rvp said...

vaamma minnal!!

exasparater said...

keep blogging

Tags Mechanic said...

So where are you lady now? You seem to have disappeared again. Keep Blogging!