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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

When Hari met Saali

It was a boring evening at the hotel. The new place made me sleepless, and the Tv was jus not worth watching. So picked up this sidey looking magazine from the local store. Believe me its worth a try to read these once in a while...

'Dear Diana,
(Psst the agony aunt calls herself Lady Diana)

Me, Hari Raj Singh from Jalander. My marriage got over last June with dhoom and dham. My wife very pretty and very good. For my marriage , my then fiancee's sister did not come as her exams were going.

After marriage we went to Mumbai for honey moon. Very nice.I am very happy with my wife and she also. Now my wife is carrying 3 months.My wife's sister came back from hostel to help my wife when vomiting.She is double pretty.

When I saw my saali , I fell in love with her immediately. I feel my saali also loves me. Now it is not I don't like my wife. I love both of them very sincerelly and very deeply.I want to propose to my saali, and also not make my wife sad.

Dear Diana , please tell me what to do ?

Yours sincerelly,

Troubled Hari'

Hmm , What does Diana have to say for this ... wait for the next entry...


Ramya said...

Can't wait to read the rest of you blogs. I love your style, reminds me of RKN.

Ansh said...

this is so hilarious....i can believe someone actually wrote this letter...

did u find out what Lady Diana said?