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Friday, April 30, 2010

Growing up with Sonny

Abhi, my son Abhinav, had just turned 2 and a half. It still seems like yesterday , that I took a bundle of flesh and blood with lots of apprehension in my arms. A form that had kicked inside me was suddenly out crying and yelping. I was unsure, I felt young, I felt suddenly thrusted into a new world of responsibilities.A sneeze, a cough used to send my pulce racing. The feeble creature grew, and so did my confidence.

He knew I was his mother from the word go, I on the other hand had just started to feel so.

I finally wrote what I had just experienced may be with a little poetic license.

5 months:
Poops didnt scare him or me,
Meal times became fun with new food on our knees,
He laughed when I sang, gurgled when I danced.
This little baby on the floor,
I still wondered , when will it grow ?

8 months:
I carried him for walks, introduced Surya,Jyothika and the lots.
We toppled, we crawled, we boughts toys not one but all.

12 months:
We cut the cake and blew a candle,
The first step , the first word we bundled .
We went to the park and climbed on a swing ,
Up in the air, and down in a blink .

15 months:
We read stories, we brushed our teeth,
We bathed like big ones with a mug behind a sheet,
We learnt about vaccinations , cycles and chocolates ,
We voted for the last to win an accolade.

24 months:
We introduced ourselves to another candy colored world
where teletubbies and teddies galore .
They came at a flick of a switch
and stayed on late until we flipped.

25 months
Our application , our first school
Were all applied for and prepared
Reading books, listening to rhymes
Dancing and singing we waited and rared.

We were admitted, to begin school
Not before June, until Noon.
We went shopping , and bought a few things
We washed and prepared for the day to begin.

30 months
We walked up, we walked down,
At the gate , we hugged and sang a song.
He went in alone ,he tugged at my heart,
He left my hand
My little son had just grown up.


AD said...

So sweet!! You really have the gift :-) Cant wait to read more,

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Anand said...

Seeing this after many months it was posted.
Whoever gave you the poetic licence won't regret.It was nicely done.Wishing Abhi and you the best

Comfortably Numb said...

wowww....each and every thing is so true...damn good one Anu....
Love Sri

padmum said...

Lovely record!! We are going through the terrible twos too...but as grandparents. Mine has decided to call me MOM like her mother does. And Dad--who is Dad--Dadthatha Natarajan is the quick reply. She also loves to call me by name.

The older one did not do all this...she was more into Ravana and Surpanaka episodes.

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Shuba said...

This is beautiful! I love how you have captured the precious memories at each stage of your Little one's growing that too in a song! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

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