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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Say cheese , Umph !

"Smile Anu, a little more , No no no teeth ,"

" Can you tilt your head 45' right, a little to the left"

Huff !!! Wish I could leave but this was it -Moment of crowning glory standing in front of a pair of upturned umbrellas, lights popping out of everywhere .. I felt vulnerable.

"Whats wrong Anu, It is just a simple photograph , why are you so nervous ? "

Nervous ??? Thats ,well an understatement , you won't need an X ray now to find out how many bones chatter in the body.

"But Amma whats wrong with the scores of snaps at home ? "

"Nah , too many men around you ."

" WHAT ????? Men around me ?? Please, they are all I graders in primary school . "

"Yeah, right children all around you , is that what you wish to give them . "

"Ok what about the one where i am sitting along with you guys , "

"No chain in neck-"


"The one on puliancholai waterfall - Wet hair .. mmm I tht it looked good ".

Ok , got the stare and the point.

"Hey i am all alone on the Lonavla trek snap"

" Yes alone , behind a herd of grazing cows. Anu , make this simple , whats the harm in facing the camera for a simple snap , that doesnt need a mangnifying glass to make sense of your face ? Just stand and get done with this. Or we would have to think about hidden cameras. "

GOSH NO !!! So I was here , in front of a pair of upturned umbrellas, lights popping out of everywhere ..

Why was amma walking towards me and what was there in her hand ??

Noooo ! Ponds powder in folded handkerchief !!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Pretty nice ; u have etched a very common thing that happens in a miiddle-class Indian girls life very nicely -the humour is subtle and very Indian.

sukumaru said...

Do you have more photos of puliancholai of kolli hills?